Customized consulting options for your information service needs

Fogdog Solutions seeks to solve the challenges organizations face day in and day out and our flexible service offerings and affiliations have earned praise for our unique personal service, quality and sense of urgency.  Fogdog Solutions provides customized consulting options for your Information Service needs.


  • Project Management:  Fogdog Solutions plans, organizes and manages the resources required to achieve the successful completion of your specific project goals and objectives
  • Application Specialists:  Fogdog Solutions’ consultants are subject-matter experts in acute and ambulatory application services.  We provide the experience needed for efficient design and build processes.
  • Education Development and Delivery:  Possibly one of the most overlooked components of a successful implementation is the need to ensure the knowledge transfer to your team and end-users.  Fogdog Solutions’ trainers and curriculum developers are experts in the industry.
  • Help Desk Support:  Fogdog Solutions’ consultants are prepared to answer questions and provide users with support.  Peak-time and implementation support is critical to augment and increase end-user support.
  • Go-Live Support:  Whether planned or last minute, Fogdog Solutions has the resources to support your team as “Go-Live” approaches.

Custom Solutions:

  • Fogdog Solutions’ senior consultants have experience in most every aspect of healthcare.  From patient access to patient care and billing systems, Fogdog Solutions will effectively match industry experts to your unique setting and clinical system requirements and help you achieve even the most challenging implementation, upgrade or system enhancement.
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